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Virtual exhibition "Blasco Ibáñez, a universal valencian"

Written the 23-06-2017 $pagina.Contenido.Resumen

Published virtual exhibition "Azorín, 50 years"

Written the 19-06-2017 $pagina.Contenido.Resumen

Las Fallas, Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Written the 16-12-2016

Las Fallas, Intangible Heritage of Humanity


On December 13, 2016, Las Fallas de Valencia has been declared an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO

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jewelry valencianas

Written the 28-06-2016


Bivaldi are available in digitized copies of the guide "Jewels Valencia, monuments and notable buildings", a publication of the early twentieth century that served as tour guides and entertainment for citizens.
















Luis Vives, a Valencian humanist

Written the 03-02-2016

LLluís Vives, a Valencian humanist  by Carmen Pardo (script) and David Belmonte (drawings) has been published by the Library of Valencia Nicolau Primitiu commemorating 475 years of the death of Luis Vives (the May 6, 2015).  

Available in Valencian and Spanish

Two stories and a legend?

Written the 01-02-2016

Valencia Plaza, digital diary of Valencia, has published an article about Bivaldi access to the news

"Dos cuentos y una leyenda" is the new book by researcher and writer Murcia "Señor de Cascales”. The book highlights a musical piece of great value in the nineteenth century written and released in the Main Theater of Valencia. The writer found this dozed musical passage in the Valencian Digital Library, BIVALDI, where the spanish single copy online

satirical magazines valencianas

Written the 05-01-2016

The Valencia Library Begins 2016 with the Diffusion from BIVALDI satirical magazines valencianas end of the beginning of the nineteenth century. In this year they will perform an exhibition about La Traca and the satirical publications valencianas with the University of Valencia.
They can consult on serial library

Merry Christmas 2015

Written the 22-12-2015

Bivaldi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes you

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Written the 17-06-2015


On 21 June, at 18:38 summer officially begins. With the summer solstice, we propose that you seek a sundial to check properly mark the beginning of summer and spring runoff. The tip of the watch hand should place your shadow on the line Zodiac summer. Learn more with Libro de reloges solares, by Pedro Ruiz.