Jerònima Galés,Valencian printer, led one of the most important printing house of the sixteenth century.

He wrote a sonnet where he claimed his capacity for work, the high quality of his works and the value of his accumulated professional experience; that she herself printed in 1562 in the preliminaries of "The Book of the Stories" by Paulo Jovio.

Widow of the Flemish printer Juan de Mey Flandro, he took charge of the family printing house since 1556. Several hundred works were printed in the family workshop during the solo direction of Jerònima Galés. He contracted marriage for the second time in 1559 with Pedro Huete, printing officer of his workshop, and at least three of his six children continued the activity; Felipe Mey, Pedro Patricio Mey and Aurelio Mey, constituting a family saga of prestigious printers.

In her printed works, Jerónima Galés was named as "widow of Juan Mey", "at Juan Mey's house", "Juan Mey", "Pedro Huete", "widow of Pedro Huete"; being an example of invisibility of women in public life.

Among its clients were the most relevant institutions, such as the Estudi General (Universitat de València), the General Hospital and the governmental and administrative organizations of its time.

It is believed that he died in 1587.

Currently the National Library of Spain maintains a page dedicated to Jerònima Galés in its section of printers of the sixteenth century. The Valencian Library published a monographic work dedicated to the study of the printer Jerònima Galés and the Mey by Rosa M. Gregori Roig, that can be consulted in "other related works" of the Library of Authors of BIVALDI. The Valencian Bibliographical Society has the name: "Societat Bibliogràfica Valenciana Jerònima Galés".

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Autograph receipt "yo, Jerònima de Mey impresora..."


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"La impressora Jerònima Galés i els Mey" by Rosa M. Gregori Roig:

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"El soneto de Jerònima Galés" by Rafael Solaz, published in Pasiones Bibliográficas nº. 3:

El soneto de Jerònima Galés, un ejemplar del Libro de las Historias... 1562



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