The interesting work of Emili Casanova Herrero and Josep Daniel Climent Martínez on the dietary texts written by Nicolau Primitiu Gómez Serrano during the Spanish Civil War, and which characterize the life of republican Valencia around his personal vision, humanistic man, defender of the Valencian language , businessman and bibliophile precumbent for the safeguarding of archives and patrimonial libraries, a work based on his annotations day by day; It is already published in BIVALDI, fruit of the effort to digitize by Valencian Library, which is named after the Biblioteca Valenciana Nicolau Primitiu in his honor.

 The central pages of the book include various family and city photographs, various propaganda materials and ancient works from the personal library of Nicolau Primitiu.

 Altogether the digital work in BIVALDI includes 740 images of pages, covers and spine, and a book in PDF format of the complete work with searchable and editable text; In addition to the technical image with the color chart.