BIVALDI, after reprocessing the original digital captures, offers an improved version of the work of Teodoro Llorente "Spain: Valencia", of almost 2000 pages, with a multitude of illustrations, on the history, nature, arts and monuments of the Valencian region of 1887 to 1889, current Valencian Community.

The new technical process has eliminated the central watermarks and footnotes, leaving the image intact of the digitized original. New editable and searchable PDF files have been generated, and the research work has been facilitated by compiling all the work into a searchable PDF, so that global searches can be carried out.

In this case, we opted for a digital reissue instead of a redigitalization, the quality of the work carried out in 2009/2010 being acceptable.

The permanent link to the registry has not been modified.

The images of the 2010 version will remain active, maintaining the permanent links of each page, which until now have been used in citations and bibliographic references; although it is advised to update them.