Gazeta del Cielo

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Newspapers and magazines Newspaper Gazeta del Cielo (1808-181-)    

Section: Newspaper

Title: Gazeta del Cielo [Texto impreso]

Publication: Valencia : Viuda de Martín Peris, 1808-[181-]

Physical description: v. ; 19 cm

Start / end: 1 (14 oct. 1808)

Notes: Título tomado de la cabecera

Hierarchical place name: València Icono con lupa

UDC: (054)(460.313V)"18"

Other classifications: 0:[070.431(054)"1808"]

Type of publication: Newspapers and magazines Newspapers and magazines

Copyright: The Public Domain Mark (PDM):


Biblioteca Valenciana — Collection: BV Hemeroteca — Location: BV Colección Valenciana — Signature: H3D-08-18-05 01

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