El Imparcial.

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Newspapers and magazines Newspaper El Imparcial.    

Section: Newspaper

Title: El Imparcial.

Key title: El Imparcial (Alicante)

Publication: [Alicante] : Oficina de Nicolás Carratalá e Hijos.

Type of content: Texto (visual)

Media type: sin mediación

Hierarchical place name: España-Comunitat Valenciana-Alacant Icono con lupa

UDC: (054)

Other classifications: 0:[070.431(054)"1813"(460.315 A.)]

Normalized numbers: ISSN . - ISSN (cancelado) 9970-8639 (No válido)
ISSN 2171-0023

Type of publication: Newspapers and magazines Newspapers and magazines

Copyright: The Public Domain Mark (PDM): http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/

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