How can I get a direct link to a work or an image to be published in my BLOG dedicated to studies on documentary photography?


In the use guide you will find the information necessary to link the works contained in BIVALDI, you advance that there is the possibility of generating permanent links that can be copied and pasted in your BLOG, and that in addition BIVALDI offers you the possibility of obtaining QR code Of the link, very useful for consultation using smartphones and tablets.


Are all the works in the BIVALDI catalog stored in the Valencian Library and the images correspond to the copies?


The vast majority of the documents offered in Bivaldi belong to the funds of the Biblioteca Valenciana Nicolau Primitiu, although external documents can be included that due to their relevance in the framework of the Valencian Bibliographic Heritage have been included in the Bivaldi catalog; A good example of this is the Valencian Bible of Bonifaci Ferrer offered by agreement with the Hispanic Society of New York. Regarding the correspondence of digital objects with the documents stored in the funds of the Biblioteca Valenciana Nicolau Primitiu, this is also the case in the vast majority of documents, although to optimize the economic resources of the digitalization processes and not duplicate efforts, in some registries, links are offered to versions of the resource available on the internet that correspond to identical copies of the copy kept in the Valencian Library, except perhaps for any mark, annotation, dedication or deterioration added or suffered after the printing of the work. This circumstance is reflected in the bibliographic record. An example of this is the History of the European War of 1914 by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, digitized by the University of Illinois and published on


I am writing a thesis on Juan Luis Vives what mention of author or origin should I indicate when I use a BIVALDI image or book?


For this purpose you must follow the rules published in the Legal Warning section, located at the bottom of the website BIVALDI


I want to make a poster from the page of a book published in BIVALDI, but in the image a watermark appears and in addition, when it is enlarged, it loses quality, is it possible to obtain images of higher quality ?


The works that are part of the digital funds of BIVALDI have been incorporated over the years, and in this period the rules on digitalization and difussion of content have changed, adapting to new legislation and new technologies. For some years the published images have a quality of 200 dpi (dots per inch, normalized in print and transferred to the world of digitization), and no watermark. If the image does not meet these characteristics it is an old digitization, and you can contact to request an image of better quality, and if possible obtain it will be sent by the procedure more appropriate.